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One of the most common skin concerns we come across is the dreaded sagging…
We prefer to call it loss of elasticity!
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Traditionally a very difficult problem to treat without surgery, new advances are being made all the time, with the aim to give that elusive lift with no downtime – and keep it affordable! Since I broke 40, I have definitely noticed my cheeks are less full than they used to be, and those pesky lines between my nose and mouth are more and more noticeable.

I am therefore delighted to share with you the launch of our brand new facial, specifically devised to combat sagging. Introducing the RF Precision Facial.

The-RF-Facial-Treatment copy

RF stands for ‘radio frequency’, which sounds like you get to plug into Radio 2 for a while and listen to your skin tightening. Whilst you don’t hear anything, what you DO feel is a lovely gentle warmth on the skin, as the probes move over the face. There are 2 different sizes of probe, with the NEW Eye Probe being smaller than a 5p piece, which really allows us to get in close to those problem areas:

+ Target fine lines and droopiness around the eyes

+ Tone loose skin on cheeks and forehead

+ Tighten skin around the neck and jowels that has begun to lose elasticity

The targeted radio frequencies create heat beneath the skin, breaking down depleted collagen and creating a firmer, more youthful look.

OK so how long does it last?!

You will see and feel a difference straight away – I notice the sides of my lips turn up more, my eyes look more open and awake and generally skin looks plumper and tighter – it also feels pleasantly tight. However this effect does wear off within a day or so – but don’t panic! This just means the longer term work is beginning.  Skin takes around 2-3 months to generate collagen, so a course of 6 treatments can give results for around 6 months before you would need a top up.

Fancy trying it? In around 40 mins and for just £45 you can try it for yourself. Also this month, don’t miss our opening offer – 6 facials for just £200 (that’s just over £30 a facial – amazing!!)

Look forward to seeing you soon

Love H x


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