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Anyone who knows me understands my complete devotion to Environ skincare.

With my history of teenage acne, melasma during pregnancy, an ongoing hormonal chin, and the inevitable passing of time now I’m well into my forties, I’ve got a lovely mix of anti-ageing and complexion issues to treat!

This video blog is simply me rambling on about, and showing you, how I use my favourite at-home kit… Skin Rolling with Environ’s Cosmetic Roll-CIT.



WHY on earth would I do this H?

This is the best thing you can do at home to stay younger looking. End of. You get more benefit from every single Environ product, your skin absorbs more active ingredients, you speed up results on skin tightness, skin tone, elasticity and wrinkles. NOW I have your interest right?

How to use it:

From AVST 3 upwards. Start twice per week, in the evening, after toning, before serums/moisturisers. Work up to every day at night before you apply your AVST or equivalent.
For the hardcore (like me!). I simply cannot recommend highly enough rolling before applying Revival Mask then sleeping in it. Now, you’ll probably need to be on AVST 4 or 5 for this one, and also have acclimatised to Revival Mask (start with 10 mins, working up to overnight WITHOUT rolling), but honestly I look like I’ve woken up 10 yrs younger; fresh, bright, clear, super-smooth skin.

Ready to take the plunge? Pop in to our englefield green salon where you’ll always find the Roll-CITs in stock, together with a range of serums and stampers to complete your routine.

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