Do you want to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat? Do you want to lose inches or tighten skin? If so, consider 3D-Lipo – a revolutionary fat-reduction and body contouring treatment available from Heaven at number 7.

NEW Solo Cavitation; £40

Cavitation is one of the most powerful features of 3D-lipo; it breaks down cell walls of fat tissue so molten fat leaks out. The damaged fat cell can’t repair itself so is permanently disabled and naturally drained away by your body’s lymphatic system. Best for areas where you can “pinch an inch”, we love it for tummies, muffin tops and love handles. Recommended as a course of 8 for £280 (1 free, making each treatment just £35!), to be taken weekly.  Click here to book

NEW 3D-lipo Perfect Legs; a 1hr treatment for beautiful pins, £75

Regardless of your natural shape or size, every woman is (sadly) prone to lumps and dimples on the back of legs. With summer on the horizon it would be great to wear a skirt or shorts with confidence.  3D-lipo Perfect Legs is the solution, combining a NEW cellulite programme – pulses hammer away at tough thigh fat – and vacuum skin rolling, with electric currents and rollers to physically break up hardened deposits. We finish with a radio frequency blast to tighten and smooth the skin. 3D-lipo Perfect Legs is recommended as a course of 8-12 treatments. A course of 8 is £399 (making each treatment £50) or 12 for £540 (making each session £45, pay in 2 installments of £270)  Click here to book

Traditional surgical Liposuction is a procedure that helps to get rid of fat in the body – it’s pretty expensive, it can be risky, it’s not for everyone.  3D-lipo is a brilliant alternative, which is effective, safe and affordable, and does not involve surgery. 3D-Lipo reduces body fat by destroying fat cells instead of merely breaking them up and releasing them into the body.

People often want help with the loose skin or sagging that can follow weight loss or childbirth. Alongside the fat-busting powers of 3D-lipo is Radio Frequency; the latest tri-polar tech focuses radio waves to stimulate tightening of elastin fibres in the skin, and production of new collagen. Gives fabulous results for “mummy tummy” as well as bum lifting, upper arms, thighs and even face, with the facial handpiece.

Cellulite. Traditionally tough to treat, but with 3D-lipo we have a solution. 3D Dermology is another option, using vacuum skin rolling to break up hardened fatty deposits. Especially effective for the thighs and buttocks, skin is sucked into the 3D Dermology cup, which is rolled up and down the area to be treated.

How to have 3D-lipo

3D multi-dimensional:  The best results are achieved when all elements work together: Cavitation, Freezing, Radio Frequency, Cryofuse and Dermology. A course of 8-12 treatments is taken weekly, with photos and measurements at the start, half-way and end point of treatment so you can see the results appearing! Courses of 8 start from £399

Fat Freezing: Cryolipolysis is also effective as a stand-alone treatment where stubborn pockets of fat exist on an otherwise slim area, e.g. thigh gap, waistline or abdomen.  A single fat freeze takes around 1 hour, with results visible from 4-5 weeks, and full results after 2-3 months. Cryolipolysis works by chilling fat cells to -5 degrees, causing them to crystalise and die, without causing damage to the skin.  £199 per area

Skin Tightening: If fat isn’t your issue but loose skin and loss of elasticity, we recommend a course of 6-8 Skin Tightening treatments. Each lasting 45 mins, we are working nearer the surface of the body to restructure skin and improve tone, texture and smoothness. Course of 6 £275

We recommend booking a 1hr Taster Session – we can assess your concerns and design the perfect plan for you. Many clients have achieved INSTANT INCH LOSS during their taster session – current record = 15 cm loss around abdomen!


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