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With sunny season peaking around the cloudly corner, we wanted to create our very own little Tanning Tricks Tips List, to see you through this spring. Advice for using self tans at home, having a spray tan in salon or our newly re-tubed Rainbow SunShower sunbed. Any questions? give us a call!

Tip 1 – the mother of all tips, do this if you do nothing else! Always always always – whether at home, spray tanning or sunbedding – thoroughly exfoliate your skin the morning of your tan appointment. Get a really good grainy scrub, use a loofah or exfoliating glove and really work around particular dry areas. Knees, ankles, wrists and elbows are the usual suspects for dryness – scrub ’em! For maximum ease, pick up a pack of Kissed by Mii exfoliating wipes, which do the job for you wet or dry in a flash!

Tip 2 – Plan your hair removal carefully Get waxing done at least 24 hours before, or shave the morning of your appointment. Don’t forget about eyebrows! Why? after a hair is pulled out, the pore can “suck up” more tan colour, leaving you with tiny brown specks, almost like freckles, where hair removal was done. NOT a good look!

Tip 3 – Leave the lotion Although your thorough exfoliation job might leave skin feeling a little exposed, don’t be tempted to apply a body lotion before a spray tan. Many body lotions contain oils that can block tan activators, leaving you with a less than perfect tan.

Tip 4 – Ditch the deo! Pongy whiffs we can deal with, all in the pursuit of beauty darling! Many deodorant and anti-perspirant ingredients can intefere with tanning; you might have seen that dreaded green tinge before (due to the metal particles reacting – yeuch), or found your underarms didn’t “take” as well. Make sure all deos are totally banished before tanning for the best results

Tip 5. Dress to NOT impress! Much as we love rocking skinny white jeans in summer, a spray tan appointment is not the time to out them. Dig out your baggy, floppiest, slobbiest slouch gear – think Jordan on a day off – and as dark as you can. Footwear is also important – flip flops are OK-ish but tight styles can rub off the tan and leave you with a “V” shape. I am also a massive fan of a soft yoga bra for up top. Personally I cannot bear the discomfort of going bra-less, so always pop one of these loose crop tops on after a spray.

spray lines

Tip 6. Buh-bye bracelets We all love our keepsakes and precious jewellery, but unless you fancy creating some interesting body art, remove all jewellery for spray and sunbed tanning. Sunbeds can also get warm so keep any metals away from your skin. If you really can’t remove it, then hey, no problem, it won’t move anyway or show a tan line!
Tip 7. Plain Pants! A spray-tan only tip… sometimes you don’t fancy wearing our unflattering paper knickers, we get it! But your underwear choice is important for a successful spray tan. Avoid anything with lace – the spray solution will get through, leaving you with a funny mottled patch – or looking like a paper doily your nan uses for displaying cakes!

Tip 8 – for sunbeds – get the right advice

Sunbeds differ in strength and according to skin type. Stay safe and get a great tan by following a plan we work out for you. Once a week will never get you a good base tan – but too often increases risks of skin damage. How many minutes is right for your skin type and medical history? Don’t risk it, book yourself in for a tanning consultation and let us help you achieve the tan of your dreams, safely. ** and remember it’s Over 18’s only 😉
Tip 9 – Extend and maintain

Hydrated, moisturised, healthy skin will always tan better and stay looking great for longer. Choose a tan-extender with a natural melanin booster, such as Kissed by Mii Seriously smooth, which keeps your tan loking perfect for longer and helps you tan better naturally either whilst on holiday or using a sunbed. Plus it contains skin-loving vitamins and botanicals to get your skin glowing naturally.

Tip 10 – Choose a flattering colour! We all remember that classic scene from “Friends” – poor Ross. Work with your natural skintones to achieve a natural, flattering look. Olive types can get away with a darker brown, but if you tend towards a paler skin type, a gentle golden glow with a bronzed hue will look amazing. Our range caters for all eventualities!

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